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Wedding Make-Up and Hair Stylists

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on November 4, 2014

The concept of marriage is sacred and very important as it is an event that unites two souls so they can be one. Thus, this event must be well planned. It must not be rushed, as you still need to plan for several things such as the venue, the guests, the food, the decorations, the music, and most especially the ones who will take care of your appearance during the day of the wedding.

You must show up at your best during your wedding in Puglia. You must be seen presentable and most likely, you should appear to be the most beautiful women on earth during that time and you must feel it. In order for you to increase your level of beauty more, you need a wedding make-up and hair styliststeam.

  • The Make-Up Artist

The makeup artist is responsible for making you look your best during your wedding. He or she will enhance your beauty the best way possible. The make-up artist’s goal is to exude your beauty in such a way that your guests and even your husband-to-be would be stunned by your heavenly appearance.

  • The Hair Stylist

The hairstylist will take care of your hair and will fix it properly so you will have a better aura on the aisle. Your hair must conform to your face structure in order to release your highest level of beauty and the hair stylist surely knows how to do that successfully.

Commonly, when people are young, they do not spend much on make-ups and hair stylist since fixing oneself is also possible. But on your wedding day, never doubt the powers that the magical hands of the make-up and hair stylists have, since your wedding day is not just like any other ordinary day or special occasions such as your birthday or prom. Your wedding day values more than that so you must also value yourself as well as take care of your beauty and looks more than how you would do it when you are still young. Fortunately, finding a make-up and hair stylist is Italy is not too difficult for Italy also has creative people who know well how to bring out the beauty in people.

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Make-Up and Hair Stylists

  • on January 13, 2017

    I am getting married this August 11th at The Castello Monaci in Puglia, the wedding is at 2.30pm. I am trying to find a hairdresser for me and my 7 bridesmaids. I am in Italy in April so could have a trial then.
    Could you help?
    Many thanks

  • Samantha Marshall
    on May 9, 2018


    I am getting married in August 2019 at castello Monaci and I’m finding it impossible to find a make up artist and hair stylist. I wondered if I could be emailed some information about your services and how it works. I am out in italy in 2 weeks time and wondered do you do make up and hair trials?

    Many thanks,

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