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Paperwork For Your Wedding in Puglia

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on November 29, 2014
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What Documents You Will Need to Get Married in Puglia

It’s not enough to have a stunning wedding in Puglia you also want to be officially wed! There are certain legal requirements when wedding in Puglia which I can help you arrange. I will consult with you about the required documents for your wedding in Puglia, this depends on your country of origin; the location of the ceremony and the kind of ceremony you will be having in Puglia.

Documents for Australian Citizens to Get Married in Puglia

Documents for German Citizens to Get Married in Puglia 

Documents for Russian Citizens to Get Married in Puglia 

Documents for New Zealand Citizens to Get Married in Puglia 

Documents for British Citizens to Get Married in Puglia 

Documents for American Citizens to Get Married in Puglia 

Documents for Irish Citizens to Get Married in Puglia 

Documents for Canadian Citizens to Get Married in Puglia 

Documents for Dutch Citizens to Get Married in Puglia 

For Catholic Church weddings the civil and religious ceremony is done in the church all other weddings must be legally done at the town hall or other authorized location like a historic building or palace. Following the official town hall ceremony you are free to have a symbolic ceremony at the destination of your choice. Civil and Catholic marriages in Italy are automatically registered and binding worldwide.

Some of the documentation you will need to bring with you from home includes: birth certificates; passports; passports of two witnesses; Atto Notorio – a document from the Italian Consulate in your country (or from a Tribunale Ordinario in Italy) declaring that you are single and free to marry; divorcees need to present their previous marriage certificates and divorce decree, annulment decree or death certificate (of your previous spouse). For Catholic weddings a few more documents are required like a certificate of baptism, confirmation and evidence of pre-marriage counseling.

All wedding documentation needs to be translated into Italian and for US citizens both the original and the translation need to have the Apostille stamp obtained from the US Secretary of State in your state of residence.
British Citizens must bring a Certificate of No Impediment issued at their local registry office in the UK after Banns have been published for 23 days. The certificate is mailed by Express Courier to the British Consulate with a Nulla Osta fee together with birth certificates; photocopies of passports; proof of absolution of marriage if necessary and a letter stating where and when you intend to wed.

Once in Italy a Nulla Osta or “no impediment to marry” certificate must be obtained from the Consular Section closest to your wedding destination. Private Concierge Services in Puglia will help you get these documents legalized. We can guide you through the necessary Declaration of intention to marry which may need to be made at the Local Civil Registrar in Italy four days before the wedding depending on the ceremony location.

I can provide advice about the documents you will need to bring with you; authorization you will need from your home country; how; what to do with the papers once you arrive in Italy; we can provide witnesses if necessary; translators or an interpreter and see that you get the necessary documentation from Italian authorities once you arrive in Puglia. We will always be on hand to answer any questions about your wedding documentation needed for a wedding in Puglia.

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