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Orthodox Wedding in Puglia – Saint Nicholas Church in Bari

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on November 30, 2014
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Couples coming to Puglia for an orthodox wedding, whether it is Jewish, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox or Coptic need to first perform a civil ceremony and be legally married.

After that they are free to hold their orthodox ceremony in one of the many stunning Orthodox churches (or synagogues) in Puglia, Italy. Having fulfilled the legal requirements for a civil marriage the couple need to contend with the requirements for their orthodox religious marriage.

Greek and Russian Orthodox Wedding in Puglia

The paperwork needed for a Greek or Russian Orthodox wedding includes proof that the couple have both been baptized or christened; If one of the partner is not orthodox they may have to be baptized before the wedding; If one of the couple have been previously married they will need to show proof of an official religious annulment decree and a civil divorce; If the bride or groom is a widower they must show the death certificate of their deceased spouse and a Chrismation certificate (certifying confirmation into the orthodox church) may be required. Depending on what church you are married in you may need to show proof that you have been an active steward of your church.
The long Orthodox wedding ceremony requires a number of ceremonial items which the church or your Private Concierge in Puglia can usually provide, these include a floral bouquet; wedding rings; white cloth to put on the floor; two icons of the saints and two candles. The couple will need a “Koumbaro” or a religious sponsor who is the official witness and usually a member of the church.

Saint Nicolas Basilica in Bari
 holds deep religious and historic significance for both the Russian Orthodox community and the Roman Catholics. Dating back to 1087 the church houses the relics of St. Nicholas and valuable architectural elements like the Romanesque sculptures, golden ceiling and floor mosaics. The grand church is just one of the optional venues for orthodox ceremonies in Puglia.

Orthodox Jewish Weddings in Puglia

Jewish couples wishing to wed in an Italian synagogue need to be orthodox or conservative. To be legally binding the orthodox Jewish marriage in Italy requires a letter to the local Rabbi, certification attesting that the couple are both Jewish, birth certificates, the ketubot (Jewish marriage contract) of both the groom’s and bride’s parents, Tehudat Ravakut certificate from the orthodox Beth-Din (Rabbinical authority) attesting that the couple are single and certification that the bride has attended a pre-wedding mikvah. If either of the couple were previously married then proof of the legal and religious divorce (get) is required. In addition to these religious documents couples wishing to be wed in an Italian synagogue need to have a civil marriage.

For more information in Russian please visit my website on the Russian Orthodox Wedding in Bari.

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