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Floral Decorations for your Wedding

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on November 4, 2014
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One of the most attracting thing on a wedding celebration aside from the bride, the groom, the food, and the guests, are the decorations particularly, the floral decorations. For whatever wedding it is and whoever the people involved are, you surely can see the flowers being placed all over the area. Perhaps, no wedding has existed without placing any flowers at all. Floral decorations can be applied to several parts of the area where the wedding is conducted.

Here are some of the areas where you see floral decorations during a wedding especially in Italy.

  • Table Flowers in Vases or Centerpieces

These are the flowers you can see as centerpieces. They are arranged beautifully on the center part of the table and they are commonly matched up with a beautifully designed vase.

  • Flower Arches

Arches may occur in the area where the bride starts marching (in the case of church wedding) or at the altar as well (where the couple stays until the end of the ceremony and exchange their vows in case of outdoor weddings). The flowers wrapped up the arches so it will match to the beauty of the couple.

  • Rose Petals

These are the flowers decorated all over the place where the celebration or the ceremony happens. It can also be scattered on the tables. This adds a romantic sense of the place, making it appear sweeter, especially when the petals are colored red or white. These can also be thrown in the aisle by the flower girls for added beauty once one of the couples walks to the altar.

The flowers used all over the place commonly links with each other in color and most likely, not only a single colored flower is used as decoration.

Puglia wedding floral decorations are now being considered as an important part when conducting a wedding and it is as important as the value and quality of the food being served. Hence, hiring experts who are used to preparing these services can be necessary. And most likely, a good floral decoration makes everything in the area, where the celebration is made, perfect.

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