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Same Sex Wedding in Puglia

gay wedding in puglia

Puglia is the site of many weddings, though they don’t have to be traditional unions between men and women only. As a wedding officiant in Puglia I am open to same sex couples as much as to opposite sex couples.

Throughout Europe, same sex marriage has been permitted in certain parts of the country since 2001, when the Netherlands began to legally accept it. Two years later the same thing happened in Belgium and two years after that Spain began to allow same sex marriages as well. Since 2012 six more countries have legalized same sex marriages.

Even in the European countries that have not legalized same sex marriage, these relationships can be made official through a civil service. As European Americans and politicians are increasingly speaking out in support of same sex marriages they are causing a divide within churches between those who approve of same sex marriages and those who refuse to approve of it due to religious beliefs.

What this means for same sex couples is that same sex marriage in Puglia is an idea that is both supported and encouraged. Gay weddings in Puglia and gay weddings in all of Italy are now a reality.

When a gay couple plans a wedding in Puglia both civil and symbolic wedding ceremony is easy to execute. Couples have many options for their wedding in Puglia, including both indoor and outdoor venues. Whatever town hall a couple prefers they are free to celebrate their same sex wedding in Puglia.

There is no limit to what a same sex couple can have at their wedding in Italy. The parents and children of same sex couples are also heavily involved in some symbolic ceremonies.

For a more low key experience same sex couples can choose to marry in Puglia’s town halls, as well as any other town halls in Italy. Since symbolic weddings are so popular throughout Italy couples have the option of signing legal papers at any town hall to make their union legally binding. This kind of freedom is one that not every country offers to same sex couples, which is why gay marriage in Puglia is so popular.

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