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Puglia Wedding Ideas & Inspirations

puglia wedding wedding in puglia wedding in puglia

Here is a collection of wedding ideas for brides!

From Classic to Modern, passing through Glamour, Intimate, Soft & Romantic, Country Chic, Retrò or Informal, here you can find a potpourry of ideas and inspirations for your wedding in Puglia.

Many couples are thinking out of the box for their weddings today, moving away from the traditional style. A wedding is now more about expressing the uniqueness of a couple, showing off wonderful ideas and feelings of what this special day should be like, and more. If you are planning to get married, you will find many great wedding ideas and inspirations to help you organize the perfect day. This article will highlight some of the latest trends and great ideas for you to have a wedding in Puglia.

Flower Style
Flowers are very important as they play a symbolic part in wedding. You need them to decorate the wedding venue as well as to continue your color scheme or theme. Of course, your choice of flower arrangement will depend on personal style and taste. These are some of the things to consider when choosing your wedding flowers:

Style: Are you thinking of some dramatic, tight posy blooms, or long bunch of flowers? Do you want a traditional style wedding? If you are going for traditional, the basic flower package would include the bouquet for the bride, corsages and button holes for the bridal party, the blooms for the venue decoration and the table arrangements for reception.

Color concept: You should not visit a florist before you know what the bridal party is wearing. On the flip side, it will be difficult to know the colors to choose if you don’t know the type of flowers that you want. Choose the attire, the color palette, list your favorite blooms, and then visit your florist.
Season: It will be more expensive to order flowers which are not in season or exotic. Sometimes the simplest colors and blooms make the most beautiful arrangements, so you can look at the variety of seasonal flowers that the florist have and then get creative.

Whatever you decide, the choice of flowers should work in your bouquets and decoration in order to create the right atmosphere for your wedding in Puglia.

Style Boards: Different Wedding Colors
Choosing the right colors for your wedding is a crucial part of the planning process. The color scheme should set the tone and theme for the whole affair, as well as represent the bride and groom personalities. Some colors will indicate a more serious tone, whilst others indicate fun and lightheartedness. Brides are more adventurous when picking color schemes for weddings, but the current trends in colors are pale pinks, lilacs, ivory, silver and baby blue. These are feminine and delicate.

You should use an inspiration style board if you want your wedding scene to have a cohesive feel. This offers an easy and fun way for you to design a marvelous wedding, whether you choose to do it electronically or on paper.

The white traditional wedding is one of the most common color schemes and it’s often complemented by deep rich purple or red or milder tones of one or more pastel shades. However, the choices are getting more inventive and daring nowadays, so you can be creative with any colors that you like. For your board, you could use colors such as espresso and aqua for decorations or gray and peach for the flowers and attire. If you want, you could opt for an overall style of retro country or bohemian chic for your wedding in Puglia.

The season that you are getting married will also play a big part in your color choices. If you are having a wedding close to Christmas, you could choose a shade of red. If it’s a fall wedding, you can opt for cool colors which include dark greens, orange, and purples. The very light pastel shades will be ideal for a spring wedding as these colors coordinate well with the spring months and colorful lake flowers.

Wedding Themes
Most couples are using a particular theme for their weddings to add an individual or personal touch to the entire affair. The themes for weddings can vary from simple to very luxurious. When choosing your wedding theme, you should pick one that matches both you and your partner’s personality, the location, time of day and the time of year. If you are a fan of a certain decade, you could plan the wedding around this, from the music to the outfits. You might want a theme to match the time of year, which could be in mid-winter. In this case, it would be wonderful to celebrate your big day with a Christmas theme, using a color scheme that includes the traditional greens and reds. Another good idea for this theme would be to add mistletoe to the floral arrangements.

Here are some other themes to consider for a wedding in Puglia:
Shabby Chic: This is a popular trend today and it features romantic compares between vintage and elegance. This could be a wonderful idea for your décor as it will add some charming elegance to the venue. It would be the ideal theme if you are having a summer or spring. You could make use of pastel colors and add a bit of ecofriendly detail to enhance the theme and get a unique look

Winemaking Inspired: Increasingly more people are developing a taste for wine, which is evident in its growing popularity for a wedding theme. This would be a good idea if the bride and groom love wines and want to design their wedding around all that is involved in the wine making process. Whether you are using a vineyard as the backdrop or you just want to incorporate the wine making elements, there will be many ways that you can add elegance and warmth to the occasion. If you opt for chic, rustic details, this theme is sure to leave a long lasting impression on the guests.
You can find a wide variety of wine making inspired items to make unique designs for your wedding. These include winemaking inspired centerpieces. A simple one to create would be a hurricane glasses filled with wine corks. This will give the wedding a vintage feel. These centerpieces will look even more beautiful if you add a glowing candle to the inside of the glasses or display the corks beside a small vase that is overflowing with desirable green or red grapes that will add a pop of color. Aside from the centerpieces, this unique wine themed can be shown through wine place cards, labeled table numbers, wine stopper favors, bottle open favors or coaster favors.

Rustic Wedding with Hay and Ribbons: If you are planning to have your wedding in the countryside or on a farm, you can use a rustic theme to create a setting that is picture perfect. To add a beautiful, personal touch, you could use ribbons or even flowers to dress up the tree branches. Bales of hay are great for designing unique displays or seating arrangements. Use the hay to make relaxing lounges if you really want a wedding with a country chic style. Just imagine how it would look to have your guests sitting on hay with their drinks resting on tree stump tables. Another idea would be to use the bales of hay as chairs that the guests sit on during the ceremony. To make the seating arrangements more inviting and comfortable, you could use cushions and blankets as covering.

Hopefully, these ideas and inspirations will help you to organize the perfect wedding in Puglia.

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