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What to Know When Renting a Villa in Italy

To plan and organise your holiday properly you are highly recommended to read the below information.

1. Arrival and departure

In Italy there are over 130 airports, and at least 26 of them are suitable for larger tourist flights.
The 3 busiest Italian airports are Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport in Milan. Depending on your itinerary you will be able to book both domestic and international flights. Local railway is a perfect solution for your journey, as it is a very convenient way to travel around Italy, getting to places way out of reach of airplanes. There is also a number of bus services and plenty of car rental opportunities.

Once you arrive in Italy, you will have to check your arrival time to your holiday home, usually it is not before 3pm, and your departure is stipulated for 10am. Usually the arrival and change-over day is a Saturday. If you are delayed for some reason, please make sure you advise the holiday home owner beforehand. As a rule the property owner will hand out the keys and would be the one to show you all the necessary things around the house.

2. Size, interiors and condition of the holiday home

The square meters stated in the house description are the outside measurements of the holiday home. Usually the actual size of the house is a little smaller than that. Most holiday homes are privately owned and family run properties that have belonged to the families for centuries, and thus have remained untouched in style and sometimes even furnishing. Certain holiday homes would be recently renovated and equipped with modern furniture and fixtures, which will be stated in each holiday home description. Usually holiday home owners will provide bed linen, table cloths, towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, however, in certain occasions you will have to bring your own supplies. Once you are choosing your holiday home, make sure you check the type of furniture and general planning of the house (whether it is suitable and safe for small children), along with all the necessary items you might need during your holiday: swimming pool or garden furniture, for instance, and other inventory. Please check in the holiday home description (if stated) the year of its most recent renovation.

3. Bedrooms

The bedrooms in holiday homes are usually not big and are equipped with double or twin beds (the latter ones can be also put together and used as double beds if requested). Double beds are usually not more than 180cm wide with foam rubber mattresses. The mattresses usually have thick cloth sheets on top of them to protect the mattress from any kind of damage. Bed linen should be put on top of the mattress cloth sheet at all times.

4. Bathrooms

You will be able to find both separate and en suite bathrooms. Usually bathrooms in holiday homes are in less contemporary style, unless otherwise stated. There will be both a shower enclosure and a bath tub (sometimes even both) in the bathroom.

5. Swimming pools

Swimming pools (non heated ones) are generally open from mid May to early October although some owners may vary this.

6. Food and staples

Staples are not supplied by the owner in self-catering holiday homes, so it will be your own responsibility to purchase your groceries and supplies, inclusive of such basics as coffee, tea, sugar, salt, etc.
Sometimes holiday home owners will offer certain welcome gifts that would include wine, olive oil, bread, or similar, but will definitely not be enough to cover your staples for the duration of your stay.

7. Variable consumption costs

Usually heating is not included and should be paid for directly to the holiday home owner on your departure date. Depending on a number of parameters (season, time, etc.) daily heating cost will vary, however, regular heating consumption might cost you around 50.00-60.00 EUR per day on average (for a 7 bedroom property) during winter. Usually heating is available from November to April and that the holiday homes cannot be heated during the remaining months of the year (unless otherwise stated). Gas and water consumption are usually included into the rental price.

8. Security deposit

Unless otherwise stated in the holiday home description, you will be charged a certain deposit in cash on arrival to cover any possible damage during your stay. The deposit will be refunded to you on departure. The amount of this deposit depends on the type of holiday home.

9. Cleaning

In the majority of holiday homes, the final cleaning is included in the rental price. However, your personal tidiness will be much appreciated. Make sure you leave the house as clean as you have found it on your arrival.

10. Pets

Some holiday home owners do not want guests to bring pets into their property. This will be indicated in the holiday home description.

11. Air conditioning

Air conditioning is quite rare in Italy, so if you do not see it mentioned in the holiday home description that means there is none. Instead ceiling fans and ventilators will be used in most holiday homes, which are quite suitable for the guests.

12. Smoking

Smoking is usually not allowed in holiday homes (unless otherwise stated).

13. Handicapped accessibility

Some holiday homes offer handicapped accessibility that will be stated in each villa description. If you have a handicap of any kind (inclusive of any allergies, disturbances, etc.), please let us know beforehand.