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Top 7 Venues for Your Wedding in Puglia

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on January 18, 2015

Puglia is one of the most popular locations for destination weddings and honeymoon today. It’s also called Apulia and can be found in southern Italy. Nothing beats this area when you want to choose a destination for romantic getaways, which is not surprising as there are many hotels and attractions to appeal to couples. If you are thinking of getting married in Italy, you should definitely consider a wedding in Puglia.

When you decide to have a Puglia wedding, there will be more than enough sites to choose from. There are lots of breathtaking scenery, private castles, baroque churches, private chapels, historic farm-houses converted to luxury resorts, beaches, and more.

So here are….

Top 7 Venues for Your Wedding in Puglia

1. Wedding in Medieval Castle

A castle setting will be the ideal choice if you have been dreaming about a fairytale wedding. Castles provide the ultimate setting for romance and can enhance the biggest day of your life. Just imagine you and your guests in a stylish Italian castle on your wedding day relaxing in a courtyard with canapés and Prosecco, which is then followed by a reception under stars with wine, music, and fine food.

cast cast2

2. Wedding on the Beach

There are 800 km of pristine white beaches and coastline offering some idyllic locations for weddings in Puglia. Places such as Taranto, Brindisi, and Lecce are overflowing with traditional mediaeval architecture. Otranto, Ostuni, and Gallipoli island town are extremely beautiful. You are sure to find the perfect spot for a beach wedding as the choices are many.

beach wedding puglia beach3

3. Wedding in Rustic Masseria (Country Chic)

A historic and stylish masseria with lush grounds in the surrounding will be ideal for a wedding in Puglia. You could get married in a romantic and elegant farmhouse that is located in one of the greenest regions, nestled among historic woodland and olive groves. A masseria is essentially one of the fortified farmhouses which were built during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. They are restored today into luxury villas and hotels, all offering countless locations for weddings. You will have a fascinating experience if choose a masseria for your wedding, thanks to the traditions, culture and the unique atmosphere that they offer.

If you are going for a wedding that is more rustic, you can use the farmhouse courtyard for the ceremony. A rooftop terrace will be perfect if you want a dazzling ceremony with spectacular views. You will also get to stay in stylish rooms which offer intimate, chic atmosphere to make you and your guests feel truly special.

1 wedding3

4. Wedding in a Private Villa

If you rent a private villa for your Puglia destination wedding, this will give you a good chance to enjoy a beautiful location and countryside. The weddings in the villas are a brand-new trend as Apulia emerges as the Italian wedding destination for many. If you do your research or get help from a planner, you can get access to some fabulous villas with private beach, private pool, and private parking. A villa will also make it easy for you to have a lot of people staying comfortable in a luxurious location, both for post-and pre-wedding celebrations.

image_13 image_15

5. Wedding in a Private Vineyard

Puglia has some great wines, so you might want to consider a vineyard for your wedding. The region has the rural landscape and warm climate that is ideal for wine production, so you and your guests could take trips to several vineyards if you are looking for a perfect day outing during your stay. A private vineyard wedding in Puglia will also allow you to learn about wines and sample some of the award-winning specialties such as Bombino Nero, Primitivo, and sweet Moscato.

6. Wedding in a Private Chapel

Puglia is also the ideal destination to have a traditional wedding ceremony. Choosing a private chapel in Puglia will allow you to create a very intimate wedding atmosphere for your family and closest friends. You can find many chapels or churches to choose from if you want to get married close to the sea and enjoy the magnificent coastline views, amidst a friendly and warm atmosphere. This type of venue can suit any type of wedding that you have in mind.

puglia private chapel chap3

7. Wedding on a Yacht

This is not a very common way for persons to celebrate weddings, but it is definitely the most exclusive and romantic spot for any ceremony. If you choose to have your wedding party on a yacht, you will add a luxurious touch to your ceremony and everyone will have unforgettable experiences.

Whether you choose to have a wedding in Puglia on the beach, inside a historic villa, a medieval castle, on a yacht, a private chapel or anywhere else, you are sure to enjoy a sumptuous feast. I can help you to plan the most romantic and lavish wedding with a gourmet feast that is prepared by some of the top chefs and everything can be enjoyed in one unique location.

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8 thoughts on “Top 7 Venues for Your Wedding in Puglia

  • Catherine
    on December 28, 2017

    Please give details for the
    castle wedding for early July for about 60people.

    Kind regards

  • on December 28, 2017

    Thank you for your request Catherine, just sent you an email!

  • Chris
    on April 3, 2018

    Hi – keen to hear more about locations (eg wedding at private villa or near beach). 60people wedding but no need to have beds for all of them. Any info available?

  • Christelle matta
    on April 21, 2018

    Hello! Can you please give me more details about the castle, the name, the location, the price and package? It is for a wedding of 60 people. Thank you!

  • kellie alleyne
    on June 17, 2018

    Interested in the castle wedding pictures here for around 20/30 people. Would like to hear about other locations beach and chapel included. Can’t decide what exactly I want ….help me pls xx

  • Thomas Whitfield
    on July 16, 2018

    Hi, Please could you send over details for the Medieval Castle.
    Many thanks for your help.

  • Emma
    on October 16, 2018

    Hi, Looking for a beach wedding (not reception, just ceremony) and love the pictures above, where is it and how can I organise this? I have about 50 guests. Thank you!

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