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10 Reasons to Rent a Villa in Puglia

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on January 24, 2015
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Good Reasons to Opt for a Puglia Villa Rental

Puglia is one of the ‘hidden gems’ of Italy. Nestled in the South of the country this region boasts what could be regarded as some of the best beaches in Puglia and scenery in the whole of the of Italy. Not to mention the fact that the area is completely pepper-potted with a vast array of historical buildings to explore. Let’s take a little look at why you should consider a villa in Puglia.

It’s Quiet

For many people, going on holiday is all about getting a little bit of peace and quiet. Whilst Italy is an absolutely stunning country, many of the best locations here tend to be very ‘touristy’ in nature. This means that there is a lot of hustle and bustle, even if you choose to rent a villa slightly outside of the main city However, when you rent a villa in Puglia you really are going to get the peace and quiet, and it really does have that whole ‘Italian’ feel about the whole area. This really is one of the top reasons.


Beautiful Beaches

Who wouldn’t want to laze about on a beach all day catching those beautiful rays? You can do that in Puglia. The region boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and they really are worth checking out.

Lovely Towns & Cities to Explore

For me, one of the best parts about going on vacation is to explore the culture of the area. You really can do that when you rent a villa in Puglia. The area is packed to the brim with a plethora of quaint little places for you to visit. Many of them retain their Italian charm which means you really can get a ‘feel’ for the Italian way of life, something which isn’t really possible in some of the more tourist-centric areas of the country.

Renting a Villa in Puglia is Affordable

You may be surprised to know this, but renting a villa in Puglia is very affordable compared to other parts of the country. Since it isn’t an area frequented by tourists as much it really does help to keep the price down. This means you could be staying in an absolutely stunning villa on a budget.


Fantastic Food

Italian food is well-known for being some of the best in the world. As Puglia is mainly an agricultural area due to its ‘flat’ landscape a fair amount of produce is actually grown here. Did you know that Puglia is the biggest producer of olive oil in Italy? The landscape is completely pepper-potted with vineyards, olive groves and other farms. The best part for you is that when you rent a villa in Puglia you can look forward to the freshest produce available, which of course is going to equal better quality food for you.

Boundless Lands to Explore

In most people’s minds, Puglia is without a doubt one of the most stunning areas of Italy. When you rent a villa in Puglia it is suggested that you rent a car and get out there and explore the area. You will be surprised at just how varied both the coastline and the interior of Puglia are. Make sure you have your camera handy as there will be plenty of photo opportunities here!

It is All avout History in Puglia

Puglia still has a variety of monuments which hark back to ‘times gone by’ in Italy. If you are a history buff you can get out there and explore these vast amounts of monuments. They really are some of the most stunning buildings that you are ever likely to see in your life.

Beautiful Weather

Puglia boasts a Mediterranean climate. This means that it doesn’t matter when you rent a villa in Puglia, you can look forward to beautiful rays of sun beating down on you. It really does give scream ‘perfect vacation’.

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Bring your Family to Puglia Villa Rental

This isn’t really a benefit limited to villa rental in Puglia, but it is still worth mentioning. When you rent a villa you have a lot more space available to you than if you rented an apartment. This means that you bring all of your family. Again, this is going to lead to the perfect vacation.

Fantastic Festivals 

Depending on when you visit Puglia you are in line for some of the best festivals in the country. They are held throughout the year and they really do boast a real Italian ‘party atmosphere’. If you are looking to rent a villa in Puglia then I suggest you try booking around the various festival dates.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons as to why you would want to look into villa rental in Puglia. I have only just scratched the surface here. Why not take a little look at the various villas available to rent? You will be surprised at just how beautiful they are and how cheap they are at the same time.

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