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Perfect Intimate Wedding in Puglia – What Should It Be Like?

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on March 16, 2015
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A Short Guide of How To Organize A Perfect Intimate Wedding in Puglia For 10 to 20 Guests

Someone prefers lush and large-scale ceremonies, someone chooses a wedding on the other side of the planet, only the couple, the sound of the sea waves and the warm breeze, and someone just prefers small celebration with their family members.

I would like to share with you a few useful tips for a small intimate wedding ceremony organization for your family members.

Intimate weddings make guests feel closer to each other, sharing some of the most wonderful moments of your wedding day.

So here is a comprehensive guide to a perfect intimate wedding in Puglia.

Wedding Venue

Probably the most important part of an intimate wedding in Puglia. Choosing the right place sometimes becomes as stressful as paperwork or any other wedding planning step.

Selecting your wedding venue should mainly depend not only on the quantity of your guests, but also on the general style and theme of your wedding. One of the new wedding trends in Puglia is to combine accommodation and wedding venue. Fortunately, Puglia is rich in unique wedding venues that also provide accommodation solutions.

Here there are some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Puglia that allow guests to stay for a week or so, renting the whole property and enjoying the best of Puglia in a single place.


One of the most beautiful places could be a typical Puglia trulli house complex, being able to accommodate up to 15 guests together. This trulli complex has a huge swimming pool and a private walled in garden of olive trees. What a unique and versatile setting for an intimate wedding in Puglia.

This solution permits organizing a wedding reception among the olive trees, and in case of bad weather move into a cosy room with a round table with rustic decorations. This is a true country chic paradise for those, who love nature and seclusion. Such a huge territory makes the whole family enjoy their own space (pool area, garden, gazebo, trullo guest room), without interfering with a private time of the bride and groom.

In addition staying at a private estate with trulli houses or a private villa you are not bound to observe tight time schedules of restaurants, which serve lunch and dinner in certain hours. You can change the normal course of the program of you wedding day, and not to plan the ceremony in the early evening, and in the middle, at sunset, when the warm dim light will fill the grass and leaves acquire sweet golden hue.

Moreover this type of venue ensures gradual flow of events and even lets everyone do what they need to do, not being afraid to be late. While the bride is having her hair and make-up done, the groom can have a quick and refreshing swim in the private pool, have a quick chat with his parents, while they are having their slow morning cup of coffee and typical Puglian breakfast.

And children can enjoy themselves outside spending time at the playground.

Decoration and Details

Planning an intimate wedding in Puglia for a small number of guests everyone can sit together at the same table, without being divided into groups and thus being separated from one another. The area becomes smaller and cozier, which makes dialogues between guests warmer and friendlier. You will never see a back turned to you, but a smiley face.

You can use a long table decorating it with a long uninterrupted line of flowers in the middle, several long candles, small decorative objects. A waiter can serve dishes and help with drinks.

Another option is a buffet dinner with a waiter, assisting with drinks and creating a lovely atmosphere of a chic evening. There can be several small tables with different types of snack: aperitif, cold cuts, dessert, soft drinks. This is not only delicious, but also looks beautiful.

Nearby you can also create a special place for the guest book and letter box. You can create many lovely opportunities for the guests of saying kind words to you. Do not forget a separate wedding favor table for the guests.


A huge garden at the property will permit creating a separate photography area, which can be propped up with the photo booth accessories, a lovely armchair and other props. Each time your guests go to the photo area it will become funnier and funnier.
Your photographer will also be grateful for being able to alternate taking pictures with making some snacks and having rest once in a while, enjoying the atmosphere of your intimate wedding in Puglia.


Entertainment is truly an important part of an intimate wedding and getting it organized at the private estate will enable you to create a lot of interesting master classes for your guests based on their personal interests. These can be latte art class, caricature drawing and many more. If among your guests there are passionate singers, a singing contest can be organized.

Evening Program

A secluded and quiet place among the olive groves can provide a unique opportunity for a live music performer at your intimate wedding in Puglia. It may be of quite different styles – jazz, rock and roll, soul or any other style.

If guests are not too many, select a separate table, or even several tables, for board games. There are so many interesting typically Italian board games. Just make sure the games are not too long and complex, so that your guests do not get tired.

An intimate wedding in Puglia can turn into one big adventure, if you choose to organize a small theater in the open air. Alternatively it is possible to put a white cloth as a screen to show video wishes previously created by the guests. Putting around small chairs and ottomans will create a lovely atmosphere, complimented by the light of candles and lanterns.

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