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Luxury Wedding Venues in Puglia

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on November 12, 2014
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You may have heard that more and more celebrities are choosing Puglia as their wedding destination: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married in Puglia, as well as many other famous people, like a world known MC David Guetta and a beautiful Japanese pop singer Utada Hikara. They are just the latest couple to have a destination wedding Puglia style as this beautiful town is one of the hottest places for people to get married. The wedding Puglia package is more than just the stunning location, but it also revolves around the luxury resorts and support the people of this unique community in Italy give for those who say their “I do’s”.

In Puglia, there are three major locations that people get married, these places include all the necessary support, atmosphere and stunning countryside vistas that make wedding in Puglia the current hot spot for matrimony:Lecce, Ostuni and Torre Canne (Savelletri).

Lecce is frequently referred to as the “Florence of the South”. Filled with Baroque monuments and even remnants from Ancient Rome, this city is very beautiful and features a number of wonderful places to have your marriage ceremony.

Ostuni is one of the largest cities in Puglia, sitting atop a hill the whitewashed walls of the buildings make it stand out from the bright blue skies. The hilltop setting and historic buildings make this a perfect location to get married.

The small town of Torre Canne is nestled along the Mediterranean Sea, a fishing village with a striking atmosphere of ancient buildings amid a stunning, sea side setting as it lies near Savelletri. Torre Canne is one of the most popular places for couples to have the perfect wedding ceremony.

Of course, the destination wedding Puglia is not just for the rich and famous, there are also accommodations for those who want to budget their wedding, yet still get the wonderful setting, beautiful atmosphere and local support that makes weddings in this region of Italy the most unforgettable experience for those who participate and those who watch as well.

The venues for the weddings range from luxury hotels to beautiful masserias that dot the country side. A masseria is a ancient farm house that was fortified against attacks from pirates that were common along the Mediterranean from the 16th to 19th centuries. The masseria is usually quite rustic, beautiful and set in a very scenic location. The farm itself generally produces wine or olive oil and they are often used for weddings, especially for those who want to capture the atmosphere of this astounding location.

The villa rental Puglia is also another way to enjoy the beautiful countryside and location without having to spend a fortune. You can find a number of great villa rental Puglia rates that will fit your budget and provide everything you need to make your stay a memorable one.

If you are considering a location for you wedding, the Italian province of Puglia is not only one of the hottest for celebrity couples, but also one of the most beautiful places in Europe to have the perfect wedding ceremony with it’s combination of dramatic hills, stunning countryside, beautiful ancient structures and wonderful luxury accommodations.


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