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Luxury Wedding Venues in Puglia: Medieval Castles

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on March 2, 2015

An Italian castle can bring a magic to any wedding ceremony that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. So many little girls growing up pictured themselves getting married in a castle and the castles in Puglia, Italy can help make those childhood dreams come true. A wedding taking place in an Italian medieval castle is one few couples could ever forget.

castle in puglia

Puglia’s Castel del Monte dates back to the 13th century and is an official World Heritage site. The amazing condition this castle is still in, along with its breathtaking design, is the reason why it represents World Heritage.

Italy’s Gargano National Park, which the Lombards built, is the site of the Monte Sant’Angelo and the Manfredonia, Swabian Castle. This castle is now the home of the National Archeological Museum in Manfredonia. The Bari Norman-Sawabian Castle has been standing since 1240. It serves as a symbolic castle for the city and is used as a wedding venue as well.

Copertino is a Puglia castle that served as a defensive military structure of great importance in the Salento area. This renaissance style’s castle’s chapel was dedicated in the name of Saint Marcos. In 1886, Copertino was officially declared to be a national monument.

castle in puglia

The Carovigno castle dates back to the 15th century and was built by a very prominent family. The original reason that the castle was built was to serve as a safe place to gather when pirates and the Saracens raided the town.

Aside from these famous Puglia Castles there others in the area, including the Castello Monaci, Castello Marchione, Castello Spagnolo, Palazzo Pugliese and Palazzo Marchesale Venusio. Each of these castles can accommodate a wedding of virtually any size. Weddings taking place in these castles can be split between venues, with the ceremony being indoors and the reception being outdoors or vice versa. Each of these castles offers couples an amazing wedding experience that will stay with them forever. The breathtaking views from each castle are part of the reason why each of them makes such a popular wedding venue. Whether a wedding is held indoors or outdoors at any of these castles, the décor used will make every bride feel like a Queen. The accommodations in each of these castles are world class accommodations that any couple would be proud to get married in.

castle in puglia

Couples considering having their wedding at a castle in Puglia have many options when it comes to location. These castles are spread out all over Puglia, any all of them serve as a magical place to get married. Interested couples are encouraged to do extensive research on their choices in Puglia castles before selecting the one where they will have the most special and memorable day of their lives. Each castle is equally beautiful and will impress any couple looking to make a huge splash on their wedding day. Puglia Castles are among the most romantic places in the world to choose when it comes to wedding venues.

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