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Frequently Asked Questions about Villa Rentals in Italy

To rent a villa in Puglia and Italy you will need to know the answers to the following questions:

1. What villa rentals are offered on Impression Villas website?

Impression Villas is a collection of fine Italian privately owned villas for rent from Saturday to Saturday for long and short term stays. These are affordable luxury villas available in some of the most stunning places of Italy. Each of the villa rentals has a unique character and is worth staying at with your family and friends.

2. Why rent a private villa in Italy?

Privacy is fundamental, when being on holiday, along with complete freedom of choosing your own pace and style of living your leisure time while on holiday in Italy. Moreover renting a villa in Italy will enable you to save on sometimes overrated hotel services and let you invest the difference into some of the most unique experiences that only a private villa rental can ensure. You can stayt together with all your family and friends, enjoying lovely al fresco meals at the sunset, sharing funny moments with your children in the private pool area (maybe teaching them to swim) and just enjoying complete seclusing undisturbed and in complete silence. Additionally you will be completely free to select your own menu and cook and eat anything at any time of the day, disregarding pre-scheduled and pre-cooked hotel meals. You can even have your private chef cook for you on the premises of your villa rental in Italy. And finally you can spend a week or two just like a local, living in an undiscovered touristless place off the beaten track and enjoying every moment of it. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a new life.

3. Do you offer courtesy hold for a villa?

Depending on the property and the rental season, I might be able to offer a courtesy hold of 48-72 hours, in most cases without any financial obligations.

4. How do I rent a villa?

Renting a villa starts with a simple request for availability that you send to me by e-mail or filling in the appropriate form placed on the page on the required villa. You can either call me or use the above method of contacting me. Please, take into account that filling in and sending to me villa rental form does not mean your commitment and there are no restrictions as to how many forms can be completed and sent to me. Thus I can take it from there, sending a reply to your email not later than within 24 hours from the moment your request was received inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and late evenings. We will provide the requested villa availability and rental details, or come up with suitable alternatives selecting the best villa based on your needs and travel dates, should the initially requested property be unavailable or already booked.
Choosing your villa rental in Italy is just the beginning. Additionally you can add a number of services and tailor-made solutions: book a sightseeing tour in the nearby city, sign up for a cooking class or book a transfers. We also have concierge services in Puglia, that will be quite important for you, if you require a PA during your stay in Italy. To book a property you will need to complete a simple one page booking form and then I will help you do the rest.

5. Who maintains villas?

The owners themselves or their assigned local manager usually does that. Impression Villas does not maintain any villas, so there is no unique standard for all the property maintanence policy. Depending on the property the owners may include or exclude additional services of housekeeping, etc.You can require the property maintenance information at any time.

6. Is there a minimum night stay?

Normally there is a minimum 7 nights stay from Saturday to Saturday, however, it mostly depends on the owner’s decision to make a specific offer. Also masserias in Puglia might only have a minimu 3 nights stay. Sometimes during low season shorter stays are available and for the last minute rentals.

7. What is included in the villa rental price?

Usually villa rental weekly price includes the following elements: accommodation, weekly linen change, weekly cleaning, weekly bed linen and bath towel change, all taxes (unless otherwise specified on villa information page or at the time of booking request).
Some extras that in certain cases may also be included are: utilities, final cleaning, baby cot and high chair unless otherwise specified on villa information page or at the time of booking request).
Extras and add-ons that in most cases are payable on site: heating, daily cleaning, breakfast, concierge service, gardener, pool heating, daily linen and towel change, security deposit, staples (unless otherwise specified on villa information page or at the time of booking request).

8. Who deals with payments?

Impression Villas only assists with the information on the payments, however, you would pay directly to the villa owner to their provided bank account.

9. What are the forms of payment I can use?

Normally villa owners would accept only bank transfers, however for last minute booking PayPal or Credit Card payments may be requested.

10. How much of a deposit do I need?

Generally a 30% to 50% deposit is required to secure your villa booking. Your booking is officially confirmed once the owner receives your first installment.

11. When is the final payment due?

The outstanding balance is usually due 60 days prior to your arrival date. In case of a last minute reservation you may be required to pay immediatelly 100% of the booking price.

12. What are the cancellation fees?

All the cancellation fees are different and vary from property to property.

13. Will I need to pay a security deposit for my villa rental?

Security deposit amounts vary from from property to property and are determined by the owners. Usually security deposts are payable in cash on site on the day of arrival and are refundable at the end of your stay. The security deposit may range from 250 Euros up to 1000 Euros or more depending on many villa parameters inclusive but not limited to its weekly rental price. Security deposits are payable directly to the owners and are not handled by Impression Villas.

14. Is there an additional reservation handling fee for booking through Impression Villas?

Absolutely no additional handling fees to pay to Impression Villas. The only extra might be a bank transfer commission applied by your bank for an international wire transfer. Please, contact your bank beforehand for more information.

15. When do I get directions to the villa?

Several weeks before your departure for Italy you will get a detailed description of your villa rental directions, along with all the other necessary information for your travel. Please, note that you are authorised to call Impression Villas 24/7 for any help and information during your stay in Italy.
We will deal with any type of problem and send to your friends or interpreters, should you need any of their help at the given time.

16. How do I obtain the key to the villa?

You will be met at the airport in Puglia on your own accord by Impression Villas representative and will get the keys from the owner, once you arrive at the property. Otherwise in all the other regions it is either the owner or our representative.

17. Should I purchase travel insurance?

We always advise to purchase travel insurance of your preferred supplier. This is something that might turn in useful during your trip. Travel insurance gives you security and additional chance to have a thoughtless holiday in Italy.

18. Should I rent a car?

Car rental is a must in certain regions and another expression of freedom to plan your own itineraries

19. What shall I do in the event I have a problem at the villa?

In case of any problem with your villa you should first contact the owner or Impression Villas. Please, note that having booked your villa with Impression Villas you are authorised to call me 24/7 for any kind of help at +39 349 683 5184.

20. Can I get a printed brochure of your properties?

In order to eliminate all the handling fees and additional charges on our services I have decided to offer villas only online. We are a home based company, which is why you will never invest in our office rental and maintenance fees. We have reduced your expenses to the minimum.

21. I was unable to find the answer to my question, what shall I do?

Please e-mail me at or call me at +39 349 683 5184. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions!