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Essential Guide to Italian Wines

Posted by jason on May 27, 2014
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To truly experience all of what Italy has to offer you should consider an Italy Villa rentalRenting a villa will allow you and your travel companions the ability to really become immersed in the Italian culture and traditions. To travel Italy is truly a dream come true, there are just so many different features to fall in love with. There are so many things to love about Italy it is hard to think of a place to start explaining the country’s spectacular features.

When you travel Italy you should really consider taking a look and a taste of Italian wine. Italians have been known to love their wine. Rarely do you see a true Italian person sitting down to a meal with a glass of water, beer, milk, soda, etc… Instead you see most Italians sit down to dinner with a very tasty wine. Wine is a part of the Italian culture because of the many different grapes that can be grown all over the country. The many different grapes create many different Italian wines that are enjoyed not only in Italy, but all over the world.

Almost every Italian region prides itself in its own wine. This unconditional love towards wine has created a number of unique professions in the wine industry. Some of the most noted professions are: sommelier (also known as wine steward) – a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, specializing mainly in wine service, as well as wine and food pairing, and creating wine lists for restaurants; oenologist – a wine chemist, an expert in wine making, sometimes they do not own wine making business, but act as consultants; wine tastor – an expert in charge of sensory examination and control of wine; vintner – wine producer or merchant, who is not necessarily an oenologist; viticulturist – a grapvine scientist and vineyard cultivation expert; cooper – a producer of wine barrels and casks made of wood; riddler – a person in charge of turning the bottles to make the wine mature homogenously (quite a rare profession, as the bottle turning process is almost fully automatized these days);enogastronomy critic – a knowledgeable expert that evaluates wines by means of a numerical rating, a tasting note (written testimony), or both at once; vendemmia – period when grapes are gathered for the wine production.

In the past five years the natural wine movement has picked up momentum in Italy. This means that the Italian wine makers are starting to go back to their traditional vineyard practices and traditional wine making techniques. This is a wonderful movement because it allows people to truly experience the old Italy through a great glass of wine.

There are a lot of different Italian wines to choose from, but some are just better than others. Cà del Bosco Franciacorta Annamaria Clemen. This is a special occasion wine that has a wonderful citrus flavor and a refreshing finish to it. It goes really well with Parma ham or spaghetti carbonara. Another really great Italian wine is Villa Raiano Fiano Di Avellino. This is a white wine that has a very stroing taste, which is the taste of the Fiano grape. This particular grape can only be found in Southern Italy, which makes it a little more difficult to find all around Italy. This is a dry wine with an apple and walnut flavor. It is great when served with mushroom risotto, but it is a little pricy.

Many Italian wine guides have been creating top wine lists every year and for every region. Admittedly the most famous wines are Brunello, Barolo, Barbaresco, Chianti Classico, Amarone, Malvasia, Sassicaia and Primitivo. Apparently there are dozens of wines of each tyoe. Let us just mention some of the most renowned sorts, taking into account that all the choices are subject to “de gustibus et coloribus” basis:

1) Barbaresco Santo Stefano 2009 Castello di Neive
2) Barolo La Rosa 2008 Fontanafredda
3) Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2006 La Fortuna
4) Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale Il Sava 2007 Savese
5) Malvasia delle Lipari Passito Selezione Carlo Hauner 2009 Hauner
6) Chianti Classico 2009 Val delle Corti
7) Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2005 Bertani Cav. G. B.
8) Bolgheri Sassicaia 2009 San Guido

These are just a few Italian wine suggestions, but there are many more wines to choose from that all have a wonderful flavor.

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