Olive Oil Production in Puglia

Olive Oil Making in Puglia

Puglia is a region known for its olive oil. The region is Italy’s top producer of olive oil providing forty percent of the country’s total output. Puglia is arguably more devoted to the production of olive oil than anywhere else in Italy because about thirty-eight percent of the land in the region is set aside for growing olives. About fifty million olive trees dot the countryside and over 240,000 farms are dedicated to this crop. Visiting Puglia, you will see olive trees all over the place and notice a distinct pride from the locals in the region’s reputation for making some of the best tasting olive oil that is both rich with nutrients and fine tasting.

The region of Puglia produces a large variety of olives. The most common types are the Ogliarola, Peranzana, Garganica, Rotondella, Cima di Bitonto and Cima di Mol. Olive oil trees thrive in the arid, Mediterranean climate and the hilly terrain of Puglia. Once the olives have reached maturity, they are collected, and a large amount of olives are needed to produce enough oil. It takes at least ten pounds of olives to produce one liter of oil. After the olives are picked, they are washed and pressed. The pressing grinds the olives into a paste and then water is slowly added. This water allows the oil to bind together. The oil is later separated out.

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Puglia is especially famous for its extra virgin olive oil. This oil is an excellent substance to use for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil comes in a variety of colors depending on what you want to use it for. Olive oil that is golden yellow is the most delicate and used for uncooked dishes. Oil that is greenish yellow color is good for grilling and roasting. Olive oil with a deep yellow color is ideal for salted and steamed dishes.

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