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Documents for British Nationals to Get Married in Puglia


Documents for your Wedding in Puglia

If you are preparing for a wedding in Puglia you can choose between a civil wedding, Catholic wedding or symbolic wedding. 
civil wedding in Puglia is a legal marriage conducted by the mayor or civil registrar.
Catholic weddings are recognized by the Catholic Church and if coupled with a civil ceremony the marriage is also legally binding.
symbolic wedding in Puglia requires no paper work or official documents. It is not legally or religiously binding but of course is emotionally and spiritually binding.
A Jewish wedding in Italy is recognized by orthodox Jewish law and if coupled with a civil ceremony is also legally binding.

Documentation Required by UK Citizens for a Civil Union in Italy

These documents are required for an Italian civil ceremony and if you wish your Catholic, Jewish or symbolic wedding to be legally binding.

Documents to be Obtained in the UK for your Wedding in Puglia

Publish Bans at your local registry office in order to receive your Certificates of No Impediment (CNI) within 16-21 days. The Certificate of No Impediment is valid for 6 months if issued in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and 3 months in Scotland.

To receive this certificate you will have to present both the bride’s and groom’s:
– Birth certificates
– Valid British passports
– Divorce decree and previous marriage certificate; annulment certificate or death certificate of previous spouse if applicable.

Once you are waiting for your CNI, go to a solicitor or public notary for a Statutory Declaration for each of the spouses. The declaration is required by the Italian authorities and gives additional information that isn’t detailed on your Certificate of No Impediment. (Here you can download the bilingual Statutory Declaration for marriage in Italy.)

Get the Certificates of No Impediment and the Statutory Declarations legalized by an Apostille through the UK government FCO Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes. This can be done online for £30 per document and you will receive the documents within a few days.

Certificate of No Impediments must be officially translated into Italian before the Italian courts or an Italian Justice of the Peace. The Statutory Declaration does not need to be translated since it is already in both languages. Ask me for a list of acceptable solicitors and translators in Italy.

For more information about British couples getting married in Italy you can also consult the Foreign Offices page UK in Italy – page – GETTING MARRIED IN ITALY where you’ll also find the current fees for the Nulla Ostas.

For British couples living in Australia or other commonwealth countries please see this link for helpful information on the process for the documentation required to get married in Italy.

Documents to be Obtained in Italy for Your Wedding in Puglia

Send the above documents to the town hall where your civil ceremony will take place or the town hall closest to your wedding venue in Italy. They will then be able to issue you with a Nulla Osta. Only photocopies of your passports should be sent, not the originals. You can send the documents to me and I will take the papers to town hall. This applies if both partners are British, residing in Britain, if one of the spouses is not British then you will need to send the documentation to the British Consulate in Italy and they will issue the Nulla Osta for both spouses. Naturally I will help you arrange all the paperwork in Italy.

Documentation Required for UK Citizens Jewish Wedding in Italy

For a Jewish wedding to be legally binding in Italy you will need to follow the process described above. For the marriage to be binding by Jewish law, approach your local Rabbi who will contact the Rabbi in Italy where you want to get married. Documents you need for a Jewish wedding in Italy include:

– Certificate from your local Rabbi declaring that you are both Jewish.
– Jewish divorce/annulment of previous spouse.
– Bride’s Ketubah and the groom’s parents Ketubah.
– Certificate attesting that the couple has attended pre-marriage Jewish counseling.
– Certificate proving that the bride has performed the ritual bath mitzvah at the appropriate time (not more than 4 days before the wedding).
– Documentation Required for UK Citizens Catholic Wedding in Italy

For a Catholic wedding to be legally binding in Italy you will need to follow the process described above. For it to be binding in the eyes of the Catholic Church start by contacting your parish priest. Among the documents you will need are:
– A letter from your parish priest and a similar letter, or Nihil Obstat from your local Bishop.
– Baptism and confirmation certificates for both partners.
– Proof that you have attended pre-marital (pre-cana classes).
– Pre-nuptial inquiry form which you must fill in together with your priest and have sealed by your local Bishop.

If previously married you must present the acceptable Catholic Church annulment papers.
If one of the partners is not Catholic your local Bishop must issue a “permission of mixed religions” document.


Residency Stay and British not residing in the UK

Where one of the parties to the marriage is a British national and living in Italy or NOT IN THE UK you will only be able to request a NOTICE OF MARRIAGE (NOM) in Rome or in the UK (NOMs will not more accepted at any consulated outside the UK or Italy for a wedding in ITALY). To apply for the NOM you will have to be able to demonstrate you have been staying in Italy for at least 3 clear days, or a number of days in the UK depending on your registrar requests (7 to 70 clear adys).

If you come to Rome, you can prove your residency with a hotel declaration or passport stamp. Make an appointment with the consulate in Rome well in advance and do not plan your trip without being sure your meeting is confirmed. You will be requested to bring several documents as per below and be there in person. After 7 clear days you will be given a NULLA OSTA to get married in Italy (one document per person). The NULLA OSTA can be sent to us by the consulate or you can collect it and bring it to us. Upon the issuance of the Nulla Osta you can get married from 2 days after to 6 months after.

To book your appointment in the UK Consulate in Rome, please follow this link.

Applying for a Nulla Osta

You’ll need to complete a ‘Notice of marriage’ form and an ‘Affidavit for marriage’ form.

You can download and fill in (but not sign) the forms in advance.

You must take the forms with you to your appointment.

You will need to provide supporting documents, including:

  • your passport
  • your partner’s ID document
  • your full birth certificate or naturalisation certificate
  • a utility bill, bank statement, official residency certificate, or driving license showing your name and Italian address (if you don’t normally live in Italy you can show a flight ticket or boarding pass with your date of entry or evidence of your hotel check-in)
  • evidence if you’ve changed your name by deed poll

If you or your partner have been divorced, widowed or previously in a civil partnership, you’ll also need whichever of the following documents is appropriate:

You’ll also need to provide evidence of nationality or residence if the divorce or dissolution took place outside the UK. You’ll need to get it translated if it’s not in English.

If you’re a woman you must wait 300 days after divorcing or the death of your husband before remarrying.

What happens next

They’ll display your notice of marriage publicly for 7 days.

The British embassy will issue your CNI within 5 working days (as long as nobody has registered an objection). You can collect your CNI in person or have it delivered by post.

The names on all documents you provide must appear exactly as they do on your passports – if not, the authorities may refuse to allow the marriage to go ahead. You may need to provide evidence if the name on your passport is different to your birth certificate (eg marriage certificate or deed poll).

You don’t need to stay in the country while your notice is posted.

Please refer to the following link for the fees of the UK Consulate in Italy. You will have to consider Fee 10 and Fee 11 (each payable twice).

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