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Documents for German Citizens to Get Married in Puglia

Documents for your Wedding in Puglia

To make your Italian wedding legally binding you will need to have a civil ceremony (or at least register your union without a civil ceremony) at an Italian Town Hall or official venue. Whether you intend to have a symbolic, Jewish or Catholic ceremony you will still need the following documents in order to register your marriage and make it internationally legally binding.

Documents to be obtained in Germany

Obtain a certificate of “Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage” also called a certificate of “Free Status” or Ehefahigkeitszeugnis, which is issued at your local municipal Registry Office or Town Hall (Standesamt). The document must be on an official form which is multilingual. An Ehefahigkeitszeugnis is valid for 3 month from date of issue.

Documents you will need to submit to obtain your Ehefahigkeitszeugnis

– Valid pasport or I.D. card (Personalausweis)
– Birth certificate
– Registration Card
– Birth certificates of both the spouses

If either of the spouses has previously been married then you will need the divorce certificate or death certificate of the previous spouse.

The above documents should be translated into Italian and authenticated. Contact your local Italian Consulate or Embassy in Germany to find authorized translators and any additional requirements. When you travel to Italy bring the above mentioned documents in both their original and translated versions.

Documents to be obtained in Italy

Once in Italy the Town Hall where your marriage will be registered may require you to make a declaration that you are willing and able (legally) to wed.

All the documents will have to be ready and sent to the Italian bishop of reference AT LEAST 2-3 months before the wedding.

Documents Required for German Citizens Jewish Wedding in Italy

For your Jewish wedding to be legally recognized you will need the above mentioned documents for a civil registration of your union in Italy. For your wedding to be legal under Jewish law you will need the following documents:
– A letter from your local Rabbi in Germany stating that you are both Jewish and free to marry.
– Jewish divorce/annulment, death certificate of previous spouse.
– Bride’s Ketubah and the groom’s parent’s Ketubah.
– Certificate attesting that you have attended pre-cana classes.
– Certificate attesting that the bride has being to the ritual baths and performed the mikvah mitzvah not more than 4 days before the wedding. This can also be done in Italy.

Documents Required for German Citizens Catholic Wedding in Italy

– Baptism, first communion and confirmation certificates of both bride and groom.
– Certificate proving that you have taken a pre-marital course.
– A letter from your local priest stating his approval and that you are active members of the church community and naming the venue for your wedding.
– A letter (Nihil Obstat – Nulla Osta) from the Bishop in Germany closest to your place of residence authorizing the wedding, stating there is no legal or religious reason for you not to wed and naming the venue and date of your wedding.
– A prenuptial Inquiry Form must be filled out by the couple, together with their priest and stamped and signed by the local Bishop’s office in Germany.

For a Catholic wedding in Italy a formal certificate of annulment is required if you have previously been married.
If one of the spouses is not Catholic a “Permission of mixed religion” must be obtained from your Bishop in Germany and sealed and stamped by the local Bishop’s office.
All the documents need to be translated into Italian.

Israeli Couples Wishing to Get Married in Italy Should Be Aware Of The Fact That…

Unfortunately the Consulate of Israel does NOT issue a Nulla Osta to the marriage to Israeli citizens, and the documentation released by the registrar in Israel is not enough to get married in Italy. The only alternative is to apply for a special permit at an Italian Court, BUT this can only be requested if the Israeli citizen is also RESIDENTin Italy, in any other case an Israeli citizen cannot get married in Italy with a legally binding ceremony.

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