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Documents for Dutch Citizens to Get Married in Puglia

If you wish to get married in Italy by civil ceremony, you need a Nulla Osta (a document issued by the Dutch authorities that testifies that there is no impediment for the wedding). The Nulla Osta can be issued by the General Consulate of Holland in Milan or by the Foreign Affairs Office in Denhaag (AIA).

The following documents must be presented by the Dutch citizen to obtain the Nulla Osta:

  • Birth certificate (international form/ Multi-language)
  • Certificate of free marital status issued by the town hall where you are registered.
  • Divorce decree ( in case of previous marriage)

The following documents must be presented by the foreign citizen to obtain the Nulla Osta (in case that the spouse is not Dutch):

  • Birth certificate,
  • Cumulative certificate: with residence, free marital status, citizenship.

ALL the documents mentioned here above can be substituted (except the birth certificates) by a bilateral declaration of free possibility of marriage that can be issued by your town hall of residence in Holland.

In order to get the Nulla Osta in HOLLAND you can send the letter of request for the Nulla Osta to the FOREIGN OFFICE DPC/CJ department- Legalization, CP 20061 EB’s Gravenhage. (Tel. 0031+70.3486486) The cost to have the document is about €45.00, ask directly to this office how to send the payment. In about 6-8 weeks the document is issued.

OR having this issued here in Italy by the General Consulate in Milan; Send the letter of request for the Nulla Osta to the Dutch Consulate in Milan, with all the documents required. Address : CONSOLATO GENERALE dei PAESI BASSI, Via S. Vittore 45, 20123 Milano. (tel +39.02.48558421-fax +39.02.48558452).

Some Consulates may follow different procedures; you will be advised by me on the exact procedure to folllow .

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