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7 Reasons To Have a Symbolic Wedding in Puglia

Posted by Victoria - Wedding Planner on January 16, 2017
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1) Celebrate your love wherever your heart desires. Blessing can be celebrated anywhere in Puglia. Think of standing outside a medieval castle with the countryside behind you, on a terrace of a charming villa with panoramic sea views, exchanging vows on a beach vow at sunset, or at one of the many rustic, picturesque museums–anywhere you find has a the most beautiful ambiance for your special celebration and blessing.

2) While a blessing can be quite similar to a civil wedding, it can also be sweet, romantic and personalized to the couple–the sky’s the limit!

3) Blessing ceremony can include You can incorporate your favourite music, passages and readings from favourite poetry, guest speakers and vow exchanges with elements of your culture and religion with bible passages.

4) While you might be in Puglia, you don’t have to leave behind your roots. While many wedding customs are based on ethnic origins, a symbolic wedding in Puglia can include different ethnic rituals and traditions.

5) If you are looking to craft a wedding ceremony that is unique to you and your family, have no fear. A multilingual ceremony is right at your fingertips. There are several languages to choose from at your blessing including: English, Italian, German and Russian.

6) You’ll be able to take some of the most epic photos of your blessing in the entire world. The weather is simply beautiful in Puglia. With the hottest month being July, and the average temperature around 30, you might want to consider a summer wedding. However the sun sets golden with one of the warmest glows your eyes have ever seen all year around!

7) The best reason to hold a blessing in Puglia: We’re super-budget friendly! It only costs 450 Euros!

Jumaan e Luca // wedding in Apulia from 2become1 on Vimeo.

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